GrASP Computing was established in 2002


Providing I.T. services on-site and remotely to residents and businesses of Leicester at low prices with exceptional service.


Timed visit to your address usually at 10am or 2pm, call today!


Covering a "20 miles radius of LE14", Melton, Leicester, Loughborough & Nottingham

Remote support is worldwide via PayPal

Sales and Service Information:


Contact Information

Telephone: ☎ 0116 2299759 or ☎ 01664  823951
Mobile: ☎ 0774 7052868

   (Mon-Sat 9am-7pm)


Find us in the Leicestershire Yellow Pages in the computer maintainance section



All on-site services are performed by a Microsoft Certified Professional (M.C.P.) and are receipted with full details of the work undertaken, any parts purchased are receipted and have a manufacturers warranty too. 


With over 25 years experience of computer diagnostics & service, as our name implies we like to help you to "GrASP computing" for yourself.


Thank you for considering GrASP as your on-site computer technician.


Remote support: from £40

Download a tool for remote support then confirm your unique ID over the phone and relax while GrASP fixes your PC.

Tune-up, Remove Trojan/Spyware/Cookies/Malware/Virus and Registry faults: from £50

Software and configuration problems resolved making your computer as fast and stable as possible.

Upgrade: from £50 + parts

New or your own sourced parts fitted to improve system capabilities and performance.

Repair: from £50

Diagnose the hardware or software fault and cure it then test.

Gadget/Pad/Phone software support:

Apple and Android (incl. Kodi) from £50

Web Design:

Promote and advertise your organisation with a clear, feature rich & professional web site.

Custom Build PC:

PC's built to your specifications upon request



Alan - The Engineer/Technician & Consultant: founder of GrASP Computing, Leicester
I completed college in 1988 and decided to enter "the exciting new world of computing."
I enrolled in a full time two year course at an information technology centre, year one was to be computing and the second year was for electronics.
After qualifying with distinctions in year one I discovered that I'm colour blind so learning electronics was no longer an option. I quickly upgraded year two's course to "Advanced Computing and Business Studies" and helped to tutor the new students.

Qualifications gained from the courses soon attracted the interest of a local building contractors. They employed me to teach computing and care for (repair/upgrade/purchase) their growing collection of computer equipment.
I developed a logical and down to earth approach to teaching because using technical computer jargon in a room full of brick layers and architects doesn't impress them very much.
Years passed with different computer related positions being filled by yours truly, each position providing valuable experience.





After recently completing a 3 year contract with England's largest computer help desk I found my spirits to be low. I had never felt very comfortable with charging customers £ 1 per minute on the phone for hardware and software support.
I took a 6 month holiday in Australia which was brilliant and shortly after returning to England I started "GrASP Computing" as a hobby.
In July 1994 I met my now wife Laura, we married on 31st July 2004 after our massive 10 year engagement.
My business soon attained a healthy reputation and word of mouth referrals kept me busy enough to expand the GrASP computing idea further, I dedicate almost all of my time to my business now as my career and only income.

Having come a long way since the early days, the initial idea of GrASP remains unchanged, "To provide the best value service to the highest of standards". A simple idea yes but an idea which attracts business and keeps our customers very happy.

The history of GrASP Computing

The birth of GrASP - January 2002

Contact us

You can phone us on the number above or leave us a message via email

Remote Support

If your computer is poorly then we can remotely fix it over the internet.

Press the duration button below after contacting Alan @ GrASP and you will be guided through the setup process over the phone in minutes.

Remote support is worldwide via PayPal


Contact Information

Telephone: ☎ 0116 2299759 or ☎ 01664  823951
Mobile: ☎ 0774 7052868

   (Mon-Sat 9am-7pm)


Find us in the Leicestershire Yellow Pages in the computer maintainance section


Remote Support payment to GrASP







Payments are secured by PayPal


Help & News

Company News

This is where we announce the most recent news from GrASP and our life in general. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.


01 July 2019. Everythings going well, we are very happy with our new location and customers remain happy as well.

Pads and phones are more popular than PCs and laptops currently so for advice and support please remember GrASP cover it all.

21 Sept 2017.  Redesigned the site to make it mobile/pad friendly.

04 April 2017.  We have moved from LE3 Glenfield to the countryside, LE14 Old Dalby is near the six hills off the A46. Business will continue without interruption. The ☎ 0116 2299759 number has come with us too.

19 Jan 2017 Happy new year and thanks everyone for your continued business

18 Nov 2015 New internet phone system installed. If a message is left on 0116 2299759 it gets emailed immediately to the mobile for fast a response.  Website updated, we hope you like it. Leave any comments via our feedback form.

20 Sept 2015 We now provide software support for gadgets, pads and phones, installation, upgrade, configuration and security.

31 July 2015 Windows 10 was released this month and we provide complete support for it, installed from £40.

13 Sept 2014 Windows 8 to 7 up/downgrades are proving popular for approx £100 complete. Hope windows 10 is better.

03 Jun 2014 We've got a solid collection of business's which we support, many since sole trading up to corporate powerhouses. This job is very varied, one moment we help with setting up a tablet and the next we get to fix a huge network. Thanks for choosing GrASP.

05 Jan 2014 XBMC/Kodi for Windows, Apple & Android is a great system which enables you to watch movies and TV online instantly for free, send your enquiries if your interested.

23 Dec 2013 Feels like an appropriate time to look back at the past year and thank all customers for the great support, its been hard work but I'm always ready for more so please pass on GrASP's details to anyone who wants help regarding computing. Thanks.

12 Jun 2013 Free telephone support is proving very effective. Advice includes purchasing advice and technical queries. We love to help, if you email or leave a message we'll always get back to you quickly. You can always text or phone the mobile too.

21 Jan 2013 Added remote support service to site, download the tool and get service without any delay as long as your internet is working.

01 Jan 2011 Added remote support as a service to (existing) customers. You download a tool from this site and we fix your pc then email you an invoice or use PatPal.

21 Apr 2010 GrASP is still doing well despite the recession and we are getting more efficient at fixing your computers. we've kept our prices stable since day one (Jan 2002) which is proving to bring in new happy customers.

20 Feb 2010 Word of mouth referrals are very appreciated and we thank you as we are proud of GrASP, it is lovely to be recommended so enthusiastically.

05 July 2007 Thanks to Angella for her feedback, lots of email links from forms on the site didn't send the email to the correct place. All is fixed now, I thought the site was being a little quieter than usual.

30 Jun 2007 Referrals are still coming in thick and fast, thanks to all the customers who have passed our details to friends and colleagues. I changed the website to a more corporate looking version but decided after a week to revert to this format again as this feels more friendly. I will add updates to it more often too.

24 Jul 2006 After years of saving and searching we finally purchase and relocate to our 1st ever house, it's in Glenfield and not far from our previous place so there is no impact on business. Thanks to Laura (My wife) for providing continued advice and support, her hard work and commitment have been major factors in helping us to accomplish our dreams so far.

01 Feb 2006 After a few problems with email and web space the GrASP site is being hosted without adverts again.

28 Aug 2004 is purchased today, and the old email address will still function for a while but will refer clients to this new host. Thanks to for hosting such a very good and free service over the past few years.

14 Apr 2004 Acquired more advanced networking skills after months of hard revision to become "a solution provider" to home and corporate computer users. New service "networking" is under construction and will involve the supply and installation of home and office networks which has become popular with broadband users who wish to share the internet and other resources.

04 Feb 2004 Added our phone number back to the site 0116 2299759. Please leave a message or send an email if there is no answer, our engineer is often out on visits to customers until 5:30pm, we take inquiries until 7pm.

01 Feb 2004 Our web-design service is launched today, we have 2 clients already and lots of interest too, if you want a web site building to a similar standard to this one or any others we have built then phone or get in touch through the "information request form" on the web design service page.

20 Jan 2004 Thanks to Lynne (Devil) for highlighting a problem with our sites email links, they are now all fixed.

15 Jan 2004 Added a forum to the site, it's used by anyone who has a general questions regarding almost anything from things about Leicester and its amenities to jokes and technical questions, just about anything is ok. It also allows people to leave messages for the engineer and for any visitors to our site.

01 Jan 2004 New telephone answer machine installed to help handle the extra volume of enquiries, if there is no answer then please leave a voice or e-mail message for the engineer. They are checked remotely every couple of hours.